Books, Blogs, and other materials

I was thinking the other day about useful sources of information for modern ML Engineering and Architecture (not data science/algorithm development) - and came up with the following. This is orientated for High Energy Physics academics (as that’s my experience). For posterity (and we will see how this ages), here goes:

I will write some justifications another time :) on a more detailed basis!

Key learning goals

  • Be familiar with technical systems in business environments
  • Be able to express physics experience in business concepts
  • Be able to understand the environment you will be working in

Data Science Concepts to learn:

  • Basic econometrics (stats + economics)
  • Survival analysis and more biology concepts
  • A/B testing
  • Dashboards & Viz technologies

Tech Books:


Potentially get yourself a cloud certification


Business concepts:

  • Project Management - Agile / Waterfall
  • People Management - teams
  • How to run a business - profits, costs, basic finances for a business

Business books:

Other random stuff